Team B


Anime Debut Episode 2


Team B is composed of the former Volleyball Club members. It is also called Duck Team. Their tank is the Japanese Type 89 "Otsu". It's the world's first mass produced diesel engine tank weighing about 13 tons with Rivet conjoined plates. However, it was built to support infantry and take out pillboxes or masonry fortifications and thus has less armor and weapons compared to the other tanks.It was found standing almost vertical in a small cave gashed in the side of a sheer cliff. How they knew it was there much less how it got in there (not to mention how they got it out) wasn't revealed. Unlike teams C, D, and E they didn't repaint or adorn their tank in a way that would make it extremely noticeable.

The members of Team B/Duck Team are:

Noriko Isobe

Taeko Kondo

Shinobu Kawanishi

Akebi Sasaki