Mako Reizei


Kanji Name 冷泉 麻子
Romaji Name Reizei Mako
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Team Team A-Angler Team/Anko Team
  • PZKPFW IV (present before finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
  • PZKPFW IV Schmalturm(present during finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
Job Team Driver
Class 2-C
Family Hisako Reizei (grandmother)
School Ooarai Girl's Academy
Seiyū Yuka Iguchi
Anime Debut Episode 2

Character Overview

A girl with long black straight hair and mocha eyes.
She is gloomy, and a little bit of lazy. Despite having generally good grades (being the best in her batch), she is often late as she has low blood pressure and hates getting up early. Mako also has a habit of falling asleep anywhere – even if she has class. At episode 3, to help get her up, Saori pays her a visit and struggles to wake her up while pulling her blanket  while Miho and the rest fired a blank shell while parked next to her house to get her prepared for their practice match against St. Glorianna. After the match she joins the team after being persuaded by Saori.


Hisako Reizei - Her grandmother. She ws hospitalized while Ooarai have their match with Saunders. They seem to have a good relationship even though they were seen to be fighting off oftenly. 

Parents - Both of her parents died when she was still in elementary school. She seems to regret the fact that she and her mother got into a fight and she haven't apologized yet before the incident happened.

Saori Takebe‎ - Mako's childhood friend and teammate. She seems to know alot about Mako's past.

Miho Nishizumi - Mako's friend  and teammate.She once helped Mako while on her way to school. Mako claims that she only joined tankery despite the fact that she already joined another club because she owes Miho when the latter helped her while on her way to school that day.

Hana Isuzu - Mako's friend and teammate.

Yukari Akiyama - Mako's friend and teammate.

Sono Midoriko‎ - Mako's friend, and classmate. She calls her Sodoko which pretty much annoys the latter.



  • Favorite Flower: Olive
  • Favorite Tank: Panther Ausf G
  • Hobby: Sleeping
  • Motto: All things come to those who wait.

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